Redfeather front coverIt’s March Madness all week on Smashwords!  My contemporary coming-of-age novel, Looking for Redfeather, and my two sick nurse short stories, Holiday on Planet Jolieterre and Friday Night Knife and Gun Club are free for download  from Smashwords.  The covers of all three of these stories come from the creative mind and talented hand of Albert Roberts, a time traveler I met on Facebook.

Help yourself to a slice of my imagination pie.  Go on, have another!  Complements of the chef.   Enter RW100 at checkout.  A review on Smashwords, Amazon (USA, CA, UK, AU, or Planet Jolieterre) would be greatly appreciated.  Linda Collison on Smashwords.

For those who follow my historical fiction, I’m working on book 3 of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventures, published by Fireship Press.  The time travel involved in writhing histfic means it takes longer to write, edit and produce.  While you’re waiting, why not time-hop to the 21st century, and beyond?

1422813_10202691951928752_195430826_nLater this month cover artist Albert Roberts will be a guest here on Sea of Words, as his alter-ego Dr. Roberts of HMS AcastaTomorrow my guest will be historical novelist Barbara Kyle, giving us some tips on writing a series on the thread “How We Write.”  If only I had read this BEFORE I started writing mine…      redo