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Praise for Looking for Redfeather

Foreword Reviews IndieFab finalist Book of the Year 2013

Dan Poynter EBook Awards, Silver Medal;Popular Fiction 2014

 Literary Fiction Book Review’s Spring Spotlight Award 2015

 “The book captures all of the emotion and uncertainty of being a teenager, delivered through the practiced and nonjudgmental eye of an experienced writer. Collison shows us the world as seen by teens—filtered through music and in constant threat of overwhelming us by its magnitude…” Peter Dabbene; Foreword Reviews Clarion Review

“They’re three lost kids, geographically and spiritually, yet they’re specific and recognizable types…Much to the author’s credit, all of them are believably flawed…The resolutions of Ramie’s and LaRoux’s quests are fairly predictable but still well-laid, though Chas’s story turns out to be the more intriguing one, especially in the end.” Kirkus Reviews; Oct. 8, 2013

“Three teens embark on a soul-searching road trip in this introspective coming-of-age story…  An engaging journey of self-discovery.”  Publisher’s Weekly; June 8, 2015

“An engaging, well told, often lyrical narrative that never falters.”  Literary Fiction Book Review; July, 2015

“An entertaining, colorful, and, at times, heartbreaking journey, capturing all the vibrancy and pathos of the teenage years. Collison adeptly tells her tale through vivid imagery, characterization, and dialogue. It was a joy to read, and makes me want to read more from this talented author.”   Barbara J. Dzikowski, author of Searching for Lincoln’s Ghost

“In this exceptionally well-written coming-of-age novel, ‘Looking for Redfeather’, Linda Collison’s convincing contemporary dialogue slaps the reader right in the front seat of the car for a whirlwind road trip across America.” Margaret Muir, author of The Black Thread

“Collison’s descriptive writing summons the essence and heart of the old-fashioned road trip across the desert southwest, and in the process she addresses the desire to run away that haunts many of us—that sometimes in running away from ourselves we haven’t realized that whatever we think is missing from our lives has been hidden inside us all along. A fun, short read for the teenager in all of us.” Kathleen Cunningham Guler, author of Macsen’s Treasure Series.

Looking for Redfeather is available from Audible.com, read by Aaron Landon.