Holiday on Jolieterre BIG

Holiday on Planet Jolieterre, a Space Opera meets Satire mash-up

“This long short-story proved immensely enjoyable. With a relatively few deft – and amusing –touches the author conveys the complexity, diversity and complexity of an entire galaxy, complete with different species, and a somewhat poorly performing economy. The action takes place on a decrepit (space) cruise-liner business that is only saved from financial disaster through cutting corners, exploiting illegal emigrants from an economically depressed planet and by satisfying, with difficulty the gargantuan appetites of tourists from a human subspecies, the Packers, who are to grossly overweight that they must move about on “transporters”. The first-person narrative is by a tough but likable nurse from a hermaphroditic reptilian species – complete with glistening, green skin, a forked tongue and immense resourcefulness. Faced with an appalling, and usually fatal, epidemic of dysentery she responds with the same mixture of cheerful competence and heroism that one suspects Ms. Collison herself might display in similar circumstances. Overall a great hour’s read and I look forward to hearing mote about Nova Skylar’s further adventures.”  — Antoine Vanner