Friday Night

Author/editor Tim Queeney compares the story to Paddy Chayefsky’s screenplay, The Hospital.  Queeney writes “Gun-toting nurses and doctors do their best to make it through a wild, snowy night shift in an under-staffed hospital in the American heartland. This is a well-written funny book filled with sharply observed detail that entertains even as it touches deeper issues of disconnection and alienation in modern society.”

In the Friday Night Knife and Gun Club, Collison gives a smack down account of one night on the graveyard shift in a hospital Intensive Care Unit from a nurse’s point of view. It’s brutal. It’s honest. It’s concise and it’s told with someone who’s got a hangman’s noose draped over their neck. A shooter comes into the hospital and goes on a killing spree. It’s something that’s in the news regularly so it’s not so far fetched. In fact, it’s so supra-real that it makes you either wonder is this writer out of her mind or is she trying to drive home a point that our society, which has become desensitized to violence, can only recognize if it hits them hard in the face at point blank range?” — Conrad Johnson (Goodreads)

Friday Night Knife & Gun Club is a satirical story that takes place in a hospital on the night shift in a dystopian near-future when everybody packs heat to protect themselves from armed lunatics.