Meet Seymour Hamilton: author, editor, adventurer

By | 2018-04-10T13:59:48+00:00 March 8th, 2018|How We Write; a series of essays by guest authors, writing and publishing|

Meet Seymour Hamilton -- author of the Astreya Series, a nautical fantasy, The Laughing Princess, a charming collection of dragon tales, and The Hippies Who Meant It, a unique literary [...]

Meet Anne Maclachlan: Writer, Editor, Ghost

By | 2018-04-10T13:58:39+00:00 March 3rd, 2018|How We Write; a series of essays by guest authors, what inspires me, writing and publishing|

Are you looking for a relevant, engaging article for your website or publication? Need a press release written quickly? Are you an independent author looking for a freelance editor to [...]

Blue Moon Luck, the audiobook

By | 2018-04-10T14:00:52+00:00 February 21st, 2018|audiobooks, Blue Moon Luck, coming-of-age fiction, fictional memoir, Give-aways|

Blue Moon Luck "Ambition, determination, drugs, booze, the raging hormones of youth are masterfully brought to life in this great piece of literary fiction. One of the best books I’ve [...]

Barbados Bound, the audiobook

By | 2018-04-10T16:36:51+00:00 February 19th, 2018|audiobooks, historical fiction, maritime history, Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series, writing and publishing|

Barbados Bound, the audiobook, performed and produced by Ariana Fraval -- coming soon from! I came aboard with the prostitutes the night before the ship set sail… [...]

Audiobook Release: Friday Night Knife & Gun Club

By | 2018-04-10T16:40:51+00:00 December 26th, 2017|audiobooks, cover art, fictional memoir, Nurse Noir, short fiction|

For immediate release December 26, 2017 Friday Night Knife & Gun Club, the audiobook Story written by L.S.Collison Performed by Annika Connor Cover art by Annika Connor Author Linda Collison [...]

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Friday Night Knife & Gun Club fiction

By | 2018-04-12T14:07:33+00:00 December 13th, 2017|cover art, fictional memoir, Nurse Noir, short fiction, writing and publishing|

Meet Kit Carson, RN -- gun-toting critical care nurse on the night shift in fictional hospital in Denver, Colorado.  "Guns and cowboy boots; it's a western thing. Part of our [...]

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