As the author of the historical novel Star-Crossed, a title that plays on the practice of cross-dressing, I was asked by Ben Fox, founder of to share my five favorite books related to it.

It was so difficult to choose only five!  I read so many books while researching the history of cross-dressing — not to mention all the nautical and social history that went into it.  The books I decided on for are those which I felt are very readable — not overly academic — and ones that I discovered and read early on in my writing process. They are books I have on my shelf and have lent out on occasion. They are old friends.

Star-Crossed was republished as Barbados Bound; Book one of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventures in 2010 by Fireship Press, with a few changes, none of which are substantive to the narrative.

Star-Crossed was a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age – 2007.  It’s been sixteen years since Knopf published the title in the fall of 2006. The book went out of print and is currently only available as a used book in hardback, library, and mass market paperback formats.

A reprint of the original Star-Crossed is forthcoming…

To see my five recommended books about 18th and 19th century cross-dressers, here’s the link: