Michael James, Executive Editor of Fireship Press

Here’s a letter the “crew” of Fireship Press received from Mary Lou Monahan Grundner, posted with her permission.  I just met Michael in person yesterday and I am very impressed and pleased to know he’s at the helm!
Welcome Aboard!   
October 12, 2011
Fireship Press is happy to welcome aboard Michael D. James as our new Executive Editor and Chief Operations Officer.

Michael D. James came to Fireship a few years ago with his novel, Assassins of Alamut, an epic novel of Persia and Palestine in the time of the Crusades, and he immediately formed a rapport with Tom through their mutual appreciation of fine historical fiction. Michael writes under the name of James Boschert, and since has had the second in his series, Knight Assassin published with Fireship. A third book is in the works.
Michael has lived a dangerous and exciting life, having grown up in Malaya when it was still a British colony. He learned first hand about terrorism while the Communist insurgency was in full swing. His school was burnt down and the family while traveling, narrowly survived an ambush, saved by a Gurkha patrol who drove off the attackers.
He went on to join the British army, serving in remote places like Borneo and Oman. Later he spent five years in Iran before the revolution, where he played polo with the Iranian Army and developed a passion for the remote Assassin castles found in the high mountains to the North.
 Escaping Iran during the revolution, he went on to become an engineer and now lives in Arizona on a small ranch with his wife of thirty years, Danielle, and their many animals.
His recent experience as a Program Manager of international operations, coupled with a background in product development, advanced planning, and earned value management will bring to Fireship his knowledge and expertise. He says that his entire work history in the U.S. has been about start up divisions or companies that needed clear-sighted leadership with realistic, achievable goals in mind.
During his career he has presided over Lawrence Livermore National Ignition Facility program, negotiating and earning contracts as well as many other impressive roles within this engineering environment.
Coupled with his love of literature, his own achievements as an author, and living a background of danger and adventure during his earlier years, we feel he is the right person to follow Tom in leading Fireship Press.
Our authors may rest assured that their publications will continue to be represented by Fireship Press, and can look forward to a progressive continuing relationship with our staff. You may reach Michael starting Monday, October 17, 2011 at the Fireship email address and telephone. There will be additional contact information provided later.
For other friends of Fireship, we are here to answer any questions you may have, and to encourage the growth and the goodwill that has been a long standing signature of Dr. Grundner in remaining the finest in nautical and historical fiction and non-fiction. 
Best regards,
Mary Lou Monahan Grundner