Monday Night Knife & Gun Club, episode #4 of Nurse Kit Carson’s Knife & Gun Club serial fiction, has been produced and is available from Audible and Narrated by Jane Weatherstone, artwork by Colorado-based artist, Gregory Block. The cover art is from an original oil painting- it is NOT a photograph! The story is from real life – all true – except for the parts I made up. Click on the pistol to hear a sample of Jane Weatherstone’s portrayal of Nurse Kit Carson and the vigilantes for healthcare justice!

While dodging the West’s deadliest virus, nurses Kit and Tonto, along with Doc Halliday, are tasked with infiltrating secret, high stakes card games and stealing scarce medical supplies stockpiled at the High Plains Fort. Will the Vigilantes succeed in bringing healthcare justice to High Plains in America’s new Wild West?

Read ’em and weep cowgirl.

Kit Carson RN’s Knife & Gun Club, Episode Four