I’ve always loved a good road trip.  My newly completed manuscript, “Looking for Redfeather” is a contemporary American road trip story about three runaway teens who meet up serendipitously and take off in a stolen Cadillac looking for an Apache blues singer named Redfeather.  (YA 56,000 words)

Part of the story takes place in Denver, on the Sixteenth Street Mall, Tom’s Diner, and at Ziggie’s Saloon.  Other featured locations are Dulce, New Mexico, Tucson, Arizona and Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso, New Mexico,

Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, the Incite Denver awards ceremony was held at Denver’s Mercury Cafe on February 20, 2012.   The first pitch, by author Terry Kroenung, was for a witty and literary sci-fi titled “Paragon of the Eccentric.”

Looking for Redfeather” is the second presentation.  I began by reading the first 100 words of the novel, then followed with a brief synopsis, acted out behind me by Emilie (playing the parts of the three teens) and Matt Campbell as Redfeather.

Stephanie Carter’s “The bookshop at Whistlestop”, an intriguing historical novel for middle graders, is the third pitch.

“Bee Candy” by Sullamuth Smith is the fourth, and David Kelley’s “The Killer Wore Clown Shoes” provides a fantastic slap-stick finale to the short pitches.

Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers for sponsoring the contest that incited me to finish the story I started in 2007!  And thanks to the many friends, fans and family who supported me in my efforts.

Redfeather was fun to write and fun to pitch.  Watch all five short pitches on YouTube!