IMG_4064My first book trailer has been so much fun to make!  I wanted to recreate the speed and impromptu feel of a road trip, so I used stills and videos from my smartphone and others friends and family sent to me.  The original music was written and performed by Red Whiskey Blue, a Denver band.  Matt Campbell, is the singer and guitarist — and he happens to be my son.  The recording I used is an earlier cut, in keeping with the live music sound I wanted to achieve.

Looking for Redfeather is about coming of age on the road in the 21st century.  Chances are, I’ll edit this and/or make more Redfeather videos.  But this is my first go at it.  Like the rough draft of any story, it contains the heart, the soul, and the spirit.  And it was a blast!

YouTube Video – Looking for Redfeather Book Trailer