spotlightspring.fwLooking for Redfeather (Fiction House, Ltd.) has been named the Spring recipient of Literary Fiction Book Review’s Spotlight Award. A full review and author interview will follow.

Literary fiction has always been my favorite form of literature. I love the imagery well-crafted words create; I read to find human experience revealed in a character’s thoughts, emotions, and observations. For me, a good novel isn’t so much about what happens — it’s about who it happens to, and how it changes them, or how it changes those around them. Literary fiction is also about setting and the power it has to shape our lives. When I read a good novel I feel connected not only with the characters but with the author. I hope to connect with others through my stories.

If you ever wanted to run away from home, I think we might connect through Redfeather. There are no zombies, no shoot-outs, no bodies in the trunk (only stolen wine and a little weed. Oh, and LaRoux and Ramie’s guitars.) But there is action, adventure, heartbreak, love, and friendship. Although it’s about teens, I believe mature readers will best appreciate its subtleties.

I recently adapted Looking for Redfeather for the stage and I put together a sound track on Spotify. The one song that isn’t available commercially is Outlaw Trail, written by Matt Campbell (my youngest son) and performed by Red Whiskey Blue. To hear this song, check out our book trailer on YouTube.

Looking for Redfeather is also available as an Audible audiobook, read by actor/singer Aaron Landon (plays Pesto on Disney’s hit series Crash and Bernstein.)

The novel was a Foreword Reviews finalist for Indie Book of the Year 2013.

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Looking For Redfeather; A Contemporary Novel About Three Runaway Teens in the American West. It’s not Jack Kerouac’s road trip!