Authors promoting authors, that’s the way we roll.  Today Deborah Swift, author of the newly released novel,  The Gilded Lily (companion to The Lady’s Slipper)  hosted my post about what inspired me to write Barbados Bound on her blog Royalty Free Fiction.  She has a very nicely done video trailer for her new release, check it out!  I’m looking forward to meeting Deborah Swift and so many other authors,  bloggers, publishers, agents, and discerning readers in London at the Historical Novel Conference — just two weeks away!

This past week I’ve been working on the introduction and overview to the nautical historical fiction panel discussion on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 11:50.   This brief intro has resulted in the purchase of four books: The Wing-and-Wing by James Fenimore Cooper (Heart of Oak Sea Classics) James Fenimore Cooper and the Development of American Sea Fiction, by Thomas Philbrick, The works of Edouard Corbiere, and American Sea Writing; a literary anthology, ed. Peter Neill and Nathaniel Philbrick.    What all of these early writers of nautical historical fiction (and others, such as Marryat, Melville and Conrad) have in common is they all were sailors at some point in their lives.  Going to sea changes you, I can attest to that.

(Does anyone else buy more books than they can possibly read in a lifetime?  Not to mention, I’ve got a manuscript that begs to be completed!)