“Hell’s bells, it’s Stormy Wether,” said Tonto, sucking in his breath.

“You know her? I said, then blew into the pocket mask. Her chest rose and fell compliantly.

He shot me a look as he pumped, circulating my breaths through her body. “Are you kidding me? Every man in town knows Stormy Wether. Or at least knows of her. She’s renowned for her choreography.”

“Her choreography?”

“She’s a dancer down at the O.K. Corral.” Tonto finished the cycle of chest compressions and paused while I gave the celebrity two more breaths.

Read ’em and weep. Stormy Wether is once more in the headlines and the shit Nurse Carson has to deal Trumps all.  Almost makes me want to write a new episode to Nurse Kit Carson’s Knife & Gun Club. More gun violence in the schools, car theft from hospital parking lots, staffing shortages — its all going down in High Plains. Stay out of trouble, folks. Lay low. Get on that east-bound stage, stranger.