“Linda Collison’s Young Adult novel, Water Ghosts, is the story of fifteen-year-old James McCafferty, whose parents have signed him up for an adventure-therapy cruise for teens on a traditional Chinese junk. From the beginning, James, who sees and hears things other people don’t, feels like the ship and its young crew of misfit kids are setting sail toward doom. James befriends a young Asian girl named Ming and they, along with Truman, whom James suspects has Asperger’s, become a trio of outcasts. Accompanying them on the trip is a trio of older, larger and stronger teenage bullies. The junk sets sail on a sea James soon believes is infested with ghosts of those who have drowned. Chinese ghosts. And one in particular, Yu, who waits for the junk to pass over the place where he drowned so he can switch places with James.

The young crew eventually find themselves in a Lord of the Flies situation, alone at sea after the adult counselor disappears and First Mate Miles Chu goes looking for her in the only lifeboat, never to return. Then the captain is found dead in his quarters. Will the outcasts and bullies be able to work together to survive?

Verdict: A Young Adult story of personal growth mixed with history and fantasy” — Literary Fiction Book Reviews

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Now an audio book narrated by Aaron Landon, available through Audible.com