Linda Collison’s Sea of Words; Charting a course from imagination to publication.  If you’ve been following my blog you know what inspires me — adventure, travel, ocean passages, road trips, sail boats, history, live music, books, and other authors — to name a few of my favorite things.  You’ve read about some of my challenges (my agent stories!) and have shared in my excitement when my last few novels have been published.

In 2014 I’m going to focus more on the writing process itself.

To get things going, I’ve asked some of my writer friends to share with me how they write and why they write; I’m asking for the way they approach a sentence, a paragraph, a novel, a play.  Writers, what’s your process?  What was your big break? What advice do you have for other writers? Do you have a writing or publishing anecdote you’d like to share with would-be readers?

Readers, who is your favorite author, and why?  Let’s talk.

The first author in the series will be Justin Aucoin, who writes swashbuckling pirate fiction and is an award-winning sports blogger.  Have your grappling hooks and dirks at the ready…  Monday, December 16  we begin!