I write adventure

Born in Baltimore, Linda Collison moved west as a young woman cobbling together a composite career that has included nursing, parenting, teaching skydiving, freelance writing, volunteer firefighting, and other occupations. Linda and her husband, Bob Russell (they met skydiving) wrote two guidebooks in the 1990s based on their travel adventures. The husband-and-wife team has sailed many blue water miles together, aboard their sloop Topaz, based in Hawaii. Their three-week sailing experience aboard the HM Bark Endeavour, a replica of Captain Cook’s 18th century ship, inspired Linda to write Star-Crossed, a nautical historical novel published by Knopf. The New York Public Library chose Star-Crossed as one of the Books for the Teen Age — 2007.

Joan Druett, author and historian

Tupaia trailer Historian Joan Druett is the acclaimed and best-selling author of historical maritime nonfiction and fiction.  Books such as Hen Frigates, Rough Medicine and She Captains were invaluable to me in [...]

Margaret Muir; Tasmanian novelist and historian

 Throughout our writing lives we're inspired by other authors.  I've recently had the pleasure of discovering Tasmanian novelist and historian, Margaret Muir.   Margaret Muir is the author of five novels.  [...]


“The past is never dead.  It’s not even past”  -- William Faulkner What drives me to write is a desire to connect with other lives, to imagine and recreate them. [...]

Barbados Bound

Book 1 of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series

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Surgeons Mate

Book 2 of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series

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Book 3 of the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series

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Water Ghosts

“I see things other people don’t see; I hear things other people don’t hear.”

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Fifteen-year-old Ramie Redfeather leaves Cheyenne with music in his pocket

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Blue Moon Luck

For his entire life, twenty-two-year-old Chance Lee has been dreaming

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