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Audiobook Release: Friday Night Knife & Gun Club

For immediate release

December 26, 2017

Friday Night Knife & Gun Club, the audiobook

Story written by L.S.Collison

Performed by Annika Connor

Cover art by Annika Connor

Author Linda Collison and New York based artist Annika Connor have collaborated to produce a 45 minute audio performance, Friday Night Knife & Gun Club, from

The short story is absurdist fiction, a near-future noir thriller about a shooter in an urban hospital in the American West.  Annika Connor, as Kit Carson, RN, narrates the story as her shift from hell unfolds. Collison calls the story a fictional memoir, as much of it is based on incidents in her own life as a single mother and nurse working the night shift in Denver area hospitals. “It’s a satirical statement of the current culture of gun violence in America,” the author says. “I wrote the first draft in a response to the Newtown school shootings. Unfortunately, it’s becoming less fictional every day.”

Linda Collison, who sometimes publishes as L.S.Collison, is the author of novels, essays, short fiction, and screenplays. Her historical novel Star-Crossed was a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age – 2007.  Collison worked more than a decade in Denver hospitals as a registered nurse.

Annika Connor, artist and actor, performed and produced the audiobook. She also created the cover art, from her own original water color, Night Trigger.

Friday Night Knife & Gun Club is the first of a series of “nurse noir” fiction from L.S. Collison and Annika Connor. The audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

For more information, contact Linda Collison at

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Friday Night Knife & Gun Club fiction

Meet Kit Carson, RN — gun-toting critical care nurse on the night shift in fictional hospital in Denver, Colorado.  “Guns and cowboy boots; it’s a western thing. Part of our culture,” Kit explains as she guns up to go to work.

Author/editor Tim Queeney compares the story to Paddy Chayefsky’s screenplay, The Hospital.  Queeney writes “Gun-toting nurses and doctors do their best to make it through a wild, snowy night shift in an under-staffed hospital in the American heartland. This is a well-written funny book filled with sharply observed detail that entertains even as it touches deeper issues of disconnection and alienation in modern society. Highly recommended!”

Friday Night Knife & Gun Club is an absurd fictional memoir. Read ’em and weep.

Friday Night Knife & Gun Club is on its way to becoming #1 bestseller on Kindle in the Medical and Violence in Society categories.

Available now in paperback and electronic format — and coming soon as an audiobook, performed by Annika Connor. Stay tuned…



Adventures in reading: Stories from Nagovisi

A Red Woman Was Crying 

A Red Woman Was Crying by Don Mitchell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I stumbled upon this collection of linked short stories at a bookstore in Hilo and was immediately absorbed in the Nagovisi way of life and the glimpses of human nature we share. Through the perspective of various narrators the author explores his experience as an anthropologist in the South Pacific Island of Bougainville during the Vietnam era. As such, these short stories form a fictional memoir. Don Mitchell writes with an anthropologist’s eyes and ears, and a writer’s heart. A Red Woman Was Crying is compelling, enduring literary fiction. I highly recommend it!

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A Red Woman Was Crying; Stories from Nagovis by Don Mitchell on Indiebound



From historical fiction to sci-fi space opera; time-jumping through the ages

1422813_10202691951928752_195430826_n I have a hard time developing a “platform” as a writer because I don’t stick to one genre.  Instead, I time-hop from past to present to future.

I’ve just published a new short story.   Holiday on Planet Jolieterre; a Nova Skylar Space Nurse Adventure  is available in electronic format on Smashwords  for 99 cents.

This space opera satire was inspired by a Mediterranean cruise Bob and I took last year aboard Independence of the Seas,  along with fellow writer Margaret Muir (who will guest post here on Monday).  I used my nursing background to create the protagonist, Nurse Nova Skylar, a hermaphrodite from planet Skeksio.

I LOVE the cover design by Albert Roberts, who also designed the covers for Friday Night Knife and Gun Club, and Looking for Redfeather.  Albert is a very talented graphic artist who also plays a ship surgeon aboard HMS Acasta.

Holiday on Planet Jolieterre takes place in the distant future on board a cruise ship, Looking for Redfeather takes place on the road in the 21st century,  and the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventures take place in the 18th century.

In spite of the diverse settings and time periods, I strive to create interesting, believable characters.  What’s your favorite setting?




Friday Night Knife and Gun Club — a short story

 I love this cover art created by graphic designer and re-enactor Albert Roberts.  He’s totally captured the kitch and the drama I had in mind for the cover art for my new short story, just published on Kindle.  I’m having the cover art made into a poster to hang on my wall to inspire me to finish the collection of short stories and speculative memoir about nurses that I’ve been working on for, well, decades.

The nurses in Friday Night Knife and Gun Club aren’t ordinary nurses.  They live and work in a dystopian near-future, in an unnamed city in the American West (actually, it’s Denver, where I lived and worked for many years) where nearly everybody carries a gun to protect themselves from the loonies.  Yep — it’s the wild Wild West.  And yes, my tongue is in my cheek.

There’s nothing nautical about this story.  And although it’s fiction, I didn’t have to make very much up.  A lot of it comes from my own life.

I was compelled to write it after the shooting that took place at a hospital in Alabama in December.  Which took place just after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, which took place after a random mall shooting in Oregon, which took place a few months after the theater shooting in Colorado.  Not to mention the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona, the Columbine school shooting in Colorado, the Virginia Tech shooting… and the beat goes on. And on.  And on.

I am not against guns.  I am against the easy availability of firearms and large magazines.  I am against the idea that the way to fight violence is with more violence.  All those years I worked in the hospital — in emergency and ICU and psychiatrics and oncology — I sometimes thought about what would happen if some angry sociopath came in with a gun and started shooting us up.   In this dystopian short story I’ve re-imagined that horror.  But I’ve given it an ironic twist.  I’ve given the nurses guns.  It’s lurid drama, it’s urban fiction, yet it’s all too real.

Friday Night Knife and Gun Club is available on Kindle for 99 cents — and I’m offering it free this week.  I’m hoping to have the entire collection of short stories completed by the end of 2013 and ready for publication, both in print and electronic format.  Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find this short piece provocative.