Saturday Night Knife & Gun Club

Saturday Night Knife & Gun Club: America's New Wild West A Kit Carson Knife & Gun Club story or My fictional dystopian memoirs   Episide 2, Saturday Night Knife & [...]

Kit Carson’s Knife & Gun Club – serialized pulp fiction for the night shift

Kit Carson, RN, is a hard-working nurse in America's New Wild West.  Kit Carson's Knife & Gun Club is a pastiche of a dime novel unfolding in connected short stories [...]

Audiobook Release: Friday Night Knife & Gun Club

For immediate release December 26, 2017 Friday Night Knife & Gun Club, the audiobook Story written by L.S.Collison Performed by Annika Connor Cover art by Annika Connor Author Linda Collison [...]

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Friday Night Knife & Gun Club fiction

Meet Kit Carson, RN -- gun-toting critical care nurse on the night shift in fictional hospital in Denver, Colorado.  "Guns and cowboy boots; it's a western thing. Part of our [...]