Dead Wake, Dead On

Sinking ships make for sensational stories and Erik Larson’s Dead Wake; The Last Crossing of the Lusitania does not disappoint in that respect. Yet this historical account of the 1915 [...]

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The Brain Storm of Words

In the last two posts I shared an important part of my writing process, the initial “brainstorm” or uninhibited first draft. I actually posted the unedited beginnings of a speech [...]

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Tell Your Story; part 2

Tell your Story  (continued from yesterday's post) Nursing made me a better writer because it gave me a subject other than myself to write about. A different perspective. It gave [...]

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Harper Lee’s first draft?

Harper Collins announced a July, 2015 publication of Harper Lee's second novel after a hiatus of more than 50 years. (And I thought I took a long time to write a book!) [...]

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