Best Bios about 18th & 19th century crossdressers

As the author of the historical novel Star-Crossed, a title that plays on the practice of cross-dressing, I was asked by Ben Fox, founder of to share my five [...]

Books that guided and inspired Patricia MacPherson

Thanks to Lisa Goodwin, the Women who Sail New England and the Between the Lines Book Club for inviting me to your discussion of The Surgeon's Mate!  As promised, here [...]

Fanny Palmer Austen, Navy Wife

Navy Wives Aboard British Warships A critique of Jane Austen’s Transatlantic Sister; The Life and Letters of Fanny Palmer Austen Jane Austen was a social realist in portraying everyday life [...]

Naval Wives and Mistresses

During the period of time Britain claims to have ruled the seas, women played a role that has been largely overlooked or dismissed by most historians and novelists  (except for [...]

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