Women belowdecks or at the helm

Women Who Sail New England

This evening I've been invited to join Lisa Goodwin and Women Who Sail New England who will be discussing Surgeon's Mate; the second novel in Patricia MacPherson's Nautical Adventures. Looking [...]

Patricia MacPherson back aboard the Fireship

Patricia MacPherson's historical adventures are now available as a set, from Fireship Press.  They're available in trade paperback and electronic format as well as audiobooks from Audible.com.  The cover art [...]

Women Aboard: Meriem Jo Ann Boussoauoar at the helm

Meet Meriem Jo Ann Boussouar -- novice sailor, boat owner, Gold Star mother, and grandmother. After my son, Sgt Kyle Thomas, was killed while serving in the military, I had [...]

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Women Aboard!

Women have always been aboard ship. As passengers, girlfriends, and wives. As sailors, surgeons, nurses, helmsmen, and shipmasters. Women aboard — I got caught up in the history back in [...]

Iceland’s Immigrant Song

Iceland's original immigrant song may have been the poems composed by the helmsmen and women of the open rowboats, to aid them in remembering choice fishing spots. The first immigrants [...]

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